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Glaucoma Treatment - Facilities

Striving for World Standard in Excellence in Glaucoma Care

GDx VCC (Carl Zeiss, Germany) :

Used for measuring thickness of retinal nerve fiber layer, the tissue first damaged by glaucoma. It is first installation of this technology in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Can effectively differentiate patients with early glaucoma from normal subjects

Humphrey's Perimeter (Carl Zeiss, Germany) :

The purpose of visual field testing or perimetry, is to provide information critical to : Diagnosing ocular disease, especially glaucoma Evaluating neurological disease. Monitoring the progress of ocular & neurological disease.

Pachymeter (MMD, USA) :

For accurate and reproducible corneal thickness measurement.

Gonioscopy :

For visualizing angles in glaucoma .This test is important to detect glaucoma type for specific glaucoma management.

SRN is now equipped with state of art RTVue Optical coherence tomography(OCT) for earliest detection of glaucoma .

Optovue's technology breakthrough

Optovue technology

Glaucoma Analysis

Optovue technology