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Glaucoma Surgery Specialist

DNB - Ophthalmology, Fellowship in Glaucoma, MBBS, Fellowship in Medical Retina
Dr. Nitin Deshpande is known for excellent rapport with the patients, finest surgical skills & excellent clinical acumen. He completed his graduation from Grant Medical College & Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai in 1999; He went to the world-renowned eye institute Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai for his post-graduation.

He completed DNB & became Member of Royal College of Ophthalmologist London 2003 with flying colours. He was selected for long term Glaucoma Fellowship which he completed in 2006. He also completed short term Medical Retina Fellowship in the same institute. He has got a vast knowledge in the field of glaucoma. He has performed more than 15000 Cataract Surgeries, 2000 Lasik Surgeries & 5000 Glaucoma Surgeries.

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About Glaucoma

What is Glaucoma ?

Glaucoma is a disease of the major nerve of vision, called the optic nerve. The optic nerve receives light from the retina ...
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How Common is Glaucoma ?

Worldwide, glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. In fact, as many as 6 million individuals are blind in both eyes...
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What Causes Glaucoma ?

Elevated pressure in the eye is the main factor leading to glaucomatous damage to the eye (optic) nerve. The optic nerve...
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Risk Factors Of Glaucoma ?

Awareness and early detection of glaucoma are extremely important because this disease can be successfully treated when ...
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How is Glaucoma Diagnosed ?

An eye doctor (ophthalmologist) can usually detect those individuals who are at ...
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Beta-adrenergic antagonists act against, or block, adrenalin-like substances. These drops work in the treatment of glaucoma ...
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Types of Glaucoma

There are many different types of glaucoma. Most, however, can be classified as either open-angle glaucomas, which are conditions of long duration (chronic), or closed-angle (angle closure) glaucomas, which include conditions occurring suddenly (acute).

Glaucoma Surgery

We are a dedicated team of Ophthalmologists providing comprehensive eye care in Thane, Mahatrashtra.



Trabeculectomy is a surgical procedure used in the treatment of glaucoma to relieve intraocular pressure by removing part of the eye's trabecular meshwork and adjacent structures. Occasionally sedation or general anesthesia will be used.


Ahmed Glaucoma Valve

The device works by bypassing the trabecular meshwork and redirecting the outflow of aqueous humor through a small tube into an outlet chamber or bleb. The IOP decreases from around 33 to 10 mmHg by removing aqueous on average


Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty". This is a laser procedure used to treat glaucoma by reducing the pressure in the eye. This therapy is reimbursed by Medicare and many other insurance providers, which minimizes your out of pocket expenses.

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